Friday, June 20, 2008

New Collections added to ARTstor

ARTSTOR is continuously adding new images and new collections to its database. Some of the latest additions are:

  • Mark Rothko: Additional images More than 40 new images were added to the Mark Rothko collection. This release includes paintings scanned from 8x10" color transparencies that are not in public collections.

  • 300 more images of works by Roy Lichtenstein. This significantly increases the number of Lichtenstein images available in ARTstor, spanning a range of periods in the artist's life and including many of his most well–known works.

  • 2,848 additional images of major Italian and other European works from Scala Archives, bringing the total number of Scala images now available to ARTstor users to more than 13,000.

  • More than 600 images from the Franklin Furnace Archives. These images depict events presented and produced by Franklin Furnace, and include works by Guillaume Bijl, Willie Cole, Karen Finley, Teh–Ching Hsieh, Liza Lou, Robbie McCauley, Ana Mendieta, and Shirin Neshat.

  • Added more than 14,000 images of Mayan excavations from the renowned photographic archives of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, which documents archaeological excavations throughout Central America.

To learn more about new releases and upcoming releases, go to ARTSTOR's news page.

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