Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Help students to analyze issues and formulate arguments

Help students to analyze issues and formulate arguments.
Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center brings together all the information that’s needed to fully understand an issue:
· pro and con viewpoint articles,
· reference articles that provide context,
· full-text magazines, academic journals, and newspapers, primary source documents,
· government and organizational statistics,
· multimedia, including images and podcasts, links to hand-selected web sites, and more!
Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center helps to develop critical thinking and information literacy skills by assisting students with researching, analyzing, and organizing various types of data for research assignments, persuasive essays, and debates and InfoMark functionality allows for copying, bookmarking and e-mailing the URLs of search screens, search results and individual documents, making it easy to create, share and update reading lists, bibliographies, course packs and more.

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