Monday, May 18, 2009

Need High-Tech Information? Computer Database can Help!

Are you looking for high-tech information? Check out the Computer Database, a fully searchable collection of over three million articles drawn from more than one thousand different periodicals. From the most seasoned techie to the general researcher, the Computer Database has loads of content to offer. Access the Computer Database by going to the MC Libraries’ A to Z List of databases link on the libraries home page.

Indexing for some periodicals goes back as early as 1980, and the database is updated daily. Full-text for more than 50 titles goes back to the 1980s, with a total of 435 titles available as full-text in the database—75 of which are peer-reviewed journals. About 90% of the titles covered are magazines or journals, nearly 200 of which are refereed or peer reviewed, with the remaining 10% of content coming from newsletters, newswires, and reports.

Just a sampling of topics covered in the Computer Database includes:

  • Business and industry applications
  • Computer graphics
  • Consumer information
  • Database management systems
  • Hardware and software design, development, and reviews
  • Peripherals
  • Home computers
  • New products
  • Performance evaluations
  • Programming languages
  • Operating systems
  • Phototypesetting
  • Word processing

The database also includes descriptive and financial information for companies covered in the industry literature.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Not sure which database to choose to start your research? Start HERE!

Academic OneFile is a multidisciplinary database that provides access to thousands of peer-reviewed, full-text articles from a broad scope of authoritative journals, newspapers, and reference sources. It also includes the rich collection of Expanded Academic ASAP. Updated every day, this database is an excellent starting point for most research assignments because it is current, global in scope, and comprehensive. It also offers access to information in different formats, such as images and podcasts.

Along with its exceptional content, Academic OneFile‘s simple layout makes it easy to navigate. Results are organized into tabs that delineate the original format of the resource. Researchers can narrow their results by clicking on numerous options on the left of the results list, or limit their search to peer-reviewed articles, images, or full-text. It’s even possible to translate articles into multiple languages!

Explore this fantastic database at Montgomery College Libraries!

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