Friday, September 11, 2009

Is that half-remembered quote Driving You Crazy!

The sons of the Prophet are valiant and bold,
And quite unaccustomed to fear;
And the bravest of all was a man, so I'm told,
Called (something?something?) Emir.
There are heroes in plenty,
And well known to fame,
In the legions that fight for the Czar;
But none of such fame
As the man by the name
Of Ivan ( Petrofsky? Skavinsky?) Skovar?

The Montgomery College Library can help with Columbia Granger's Poetry Database. Produced by Columbia University Press, this database contains works of poetry found in anthologies and volumes of collected works and selected works for individual poets. This database currently has nearly 70,000 poems in full text and more than 500,000 poem citations. To access Granger’s from the MC Library home page (, click on Databases by Subject. Scroll down the page to Literature and select Columbia Granger's Poetry Database (From off-campus or using a laptop, you will need to log in with your M number), type in a phrase or title or author’s name and find relief from that nagging question!

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